Shocking Weather, floods, cold and Flu have all prevented this winters Fishing Trips. So when two came along at once I was raring to go!  Watching the river levels closely on Gauge Map, a window of opportunity opened for a well timed Long Trotting Session for Grayling which produced some superb fighting fit specimens. This River Session was followed the next day by a session at the Home of Heyday Fly Fishing School…….Chirk Fishery, where the weather had, as expected deteriorated, and I was hit with Swirling Winds, Rain, Hail, Sunshine and a rainbow to boot.  Even in the depths of winter, I would recommend starting on the surface as it is an excellent all year round dry fly venue….However, it soon became apparent that this wasn’t going to be the case on this particular day!  Opting for some winter tactics, it was time to go low and slow……and then, on the third cast, a subtle movement in the line was detected and a hopeful strike met a thump, which produced this slab of a rainbow from the depths below.  That was enough for me and the thought of the warm open fire in the local pub was calling…..!

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